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A Flamenco Dancer for the YouTube Generation – The New York Times

09.02.2021 — At 24, El Yiyo is part of a new generation of flamenco artists, some of whom are pushing the boundaries of the traditional Spanish music and …

El Yiyo grew up in Spain’s Roma community. But it was watching Michael Jackson online, he says, that taught him to dance.

GENERATION FLAMENCO 30 mai 2015 – Spectacle de Sofia …

Flamenco – Wikipedia

Flamenco in its strictest sense, is an art form based on the various folkloric music … song and dance throughout Spain, eventually ended up generating local and …

A Flamenco Dancer for the YouTube Generation

A Flamenco Dancer for the YouTube Generation https://nytimes.com/2021/02/09/arts/dance/el-yiyo.html?smid=tw-share… 7:52 PM · Feb 9, 2021 ·Twitter Web App.

Flamenco – Wikipedia

Hugenottenhalle Neu-Isenburg. 11 gen 2022󰞋󰟠. Premiere von VIVALDI FLAMENCO am 19.12 …

Justine | BCN on Twitter: “A Flamenco Dancer for the YouTube …

8 Best Channels With Flamenco Songs on Youtube – Interested Videos

Ben Woods Guitar is a YouTube channel that features flamenco music and guitar … in the music of some of the current generation’s top flamenco performers.

Enjoy the passionate and moving sounds of traditional Spanish flamenco on 8 of the best YouTube channels with quality flamenco music.

LOLA Flamenco Dance Musical – Facebook

Choreogel – PokéWiki

06.12.2022 — Flamenco-Stil | Cheerleading-Stil | Hula-Stil | Buyo-Stil … Pokémon mit variierenden Typen und existiert seit der siebten Spielgeneration.

8 Best Channels With Flamenco Songs on Youtube

Sonidos Negros: On the Blackness of Flamenco – K. Meira Goldberg – Google Books

How is the politics of Blackness figured in the flamenco dancing body? What does flamenco dance tell us about the construction of race in the Atlantic world? Sonidos Negros traces how, in the span between 1492 and 1933, the vanquished Moor became Black, and how this figure, enacted in terms of a minstrelized Gitano, paradoxically came to represent Spain itself. The imagined Gypsy about which flamenco imagery turns dances on a knife’s edge delineating Christian and non-Christian, White and Black worlds. This figure’s subversive teetering undermines Spain’s symbolic linkage of religion with race, a prime weapon of conquest. Flamenco’s Sonidos Negros live in this precarious balance, amid the purposeful confusion and ruckus cloaking embodied resistance, the lament for what has been lost, and the values and aspirations of those rendered imperceptible by enslavement and colonization.

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